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Homemade Chicken Broth [Updated]

March 15th, 2009

Salt-Free Homemade Chicken Broth Simmering

I was making chicken noodle soup the other today and needed some broth, so I went back and looked through my postings to find a recipe.  I wasn’t really happy with it so I updated it just a little and am re-posting it here.  I hope you enjoy it!

As you may have noticed I don’t use salt that much. I like to use unsalted butter, and I rarely put salt in anything I bake. I found that it is not necessary to add salt in order to have a delicious flavor. When I went on a salt-free kick way back when, I realized that chicken bouillon and store-bought chicken broths have a LOT of sodium (along with pretty much every thing else you buy at the grocery store). So I decided (…read more and get the recipe)

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Rosemary Lemon Rhubarb Spritzer Recipe

June 15th, 2008

Rosemary Lemon Rhubarb Spritzer Recipe

Thanks Elise!  Your spritzer was great!  I followed Elise’s spritzer recipe and it turned out wonderfully.  Since Rachel is working at Stahlbush and the first rhubarb harvest of the year is just finishing we enjoyed tons of leftover rhubarb samples from their lab.  Rachel had mentioned they were harvesting, I had some fresh rosemary growing in our tiny garden and Elise posted this recipe.  It was a match made in heaven.  Serve this drink at a party (especially one with a pink theme) or just to enjoy the creatively unique flavors on your palate.  Here’s what I did: (…read more and get the recipe)

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