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Sautéed Greens

July 6th, 2009

Sautéed Greens

We just got back from vacation and our garden is teeming with greens.  I love greens.  Last year I planted kale and collards and I became hooked! What was really amazing about them was that they lasted from early summer until the next spring, when I pulled them up.  I couldn’t believe that they survived the snow.  Granted it wasn’t that much snow and our climate is very mild, but still!

This year I planted a different variety of kale and turnips — which have provided us with turnip greens.  You can plant the greens from seeds or starts.  I planted mine in April and plan to do another planting in early August or so for some more fall and winter greens.  I’m pretty impressed with the turnip greens because I have picked them a few times and now I get to enjoy the turnips!

Now there are all sorts of ways to cook greens like these. Collards can be boiled for hours with ham hocks and tons of salt.  Kale can be made into chips.  Often times we like to sauté our greens and I would love to share with you how I do it.  This recipe can be modified by adding or removing any number of savory spices and herbs.   For example you can add curry powder for an Asian twist, or chili powder for a kick.  I like to add a shredded carrot for a little sweetness.

stir the onion

Here’s what I do (2-4 large servings):


  • 1 tablespoon of olive or canola oil
  • 10-20 small leaves of fresh greens rolled and diced into small strips (I have used any of the above: Kale, collards, turnip greens)
  • 1 large carrot, shredded
  • 1 medium red or white onion diced
  • fine sea salt
  • fresh ground pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of water

pile of greens

shredded carrots


  1. Begin with a heavy-bottom pan over a medium heat, add the oil and onions and stir until light and aromatic
  2. Add the carrots and greens
  3. Stir everything all together occasionally to mix it up and get the greens cooked on all sides.  The greens will shrink SIGNIFICANTLY so you can add more than you think to the pan.
  4. Add the water if you think it is too dry or to steam them a little more.
  5. Season with salt and pepper and any other seasoning you think might fit in with your other dishes that meal.
  6. Serve hot, they are not very good cold, in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy them!

5 Responses to ' Sautéed Greens '

  • Sweta says: [July 7th, 2009 2:36 pm]

    That’s a perfect dish for summer-we usually add a little of turmeric and chilli powder to it,and at the time of serving a dash of limejuice !!

  • Keith Prickett says: [July 7th, 2009 3:37 pm]

    Sweta: The lime juice sounds delicious! I will try that soon, as my garden is teeming with Kale right now!

  • Scotty says: [July 17th, 2009 3:08 am]

    Just curious… when you plant turnips and harvest the greens, do you still get to have turnips from the same plant? I’m thinking that perhaps you don’t harvest the whole top.

  • Keith Prickett says: [July 17th, 2009 9:32 am]

    @Scotty, I did indeed harvest the turnip after using the greens. I picked the large greens off of the plant and left the smaller ones about three times over a few weeks. Unfortunately I had some wriggling pests that ate through much of the turnips so I didn’t get to enjoy that many, but at least the leaves were good!

  • Scotty says: [July 18th, 2009 10:57 pm]

    interesting… thanks for the reply!

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